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CNH combine 11
CNH combine 11

Case New Holland Interactive Display:

Idea: Develop an interactive and ‘awesome’ way to show...

  • croppedimage112112-sterlingvan3

    Freestar Van:

    Idea: Fit two working toilets in the back of a minivan. To...

  • croppedimage112112-Flipside-Karaoke

    Flipside Karaoke Booth:

    Idea: Create a booth that gives the user the feeling of si...

  • miller electric hand toss Copy
    miller electric hand toss Copy

    Miller Electric Helmet Toss:

    Idea: Create an interactive tradeshow item to encourage sp...

  • Face Elevation 01
    Face Elevation 01

    American Orthodontics Display Pods:

    Idea: Create a set of tabletop displays that maximize the ...

  • cuda Copy
    cuda Copy

    Barracuda (Decko) Sump Pump Display:

    Idea: Create a cutaway display that replicates the in-home...

  • Erth Display 01
    Erth Display 01

    Erth Minerals Makeup Display:

    Idea: Construct a tabletop merchandiser to help promote Er...

  • croppedimage112112-Sterling-Shower-Door-Display-REV-B-with-header

    Sterling Shower Door Display:

    Idea: Get away from the clunky steel displays and move tow...

  • MAR2284 Copy
    MAR2284 Copy

    American Orthodontics Tooth Display:

    Idea: Create a Portable Display for a scale model of a too...